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  • Hokkaido

    Hokkaido Wagyu, also known as Snow Beef, is raised in the northernmost region of Japan. This provides an incredibly unique taste!

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  • Gunma

    A landlocked prefecture located in central Japan is known for its natural hot springs, Ideal Climate, and Lush Vegetation. Which all attributes to the award-winning Gunma Wagyu.

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  • Saga

    Highly prized for its unique taste and texture, cows are fed a diet that includes a high percentage of locally grown rice straw, which is said to enhance the sweetness and umami flavor of the meat.

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  • Oita

    Oita Wagyu is raised using a special feeding method called "Yoshoku Feed" which involves a mix of locally grown rice, wheat, and soybeans, which contribute to the distinctive taste and texture of the meat.

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  • Kumamoto

    Kumamoto is located in the southern part of Japan, where a lush natural environment and pure water play a huge role in the making of the prized Kumamoto Kuroge Washu

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  • Miyazaki

    Home to the "Wagyu Olympics" Gold medalist, Miyazaki Wagyu is attributed to the farmers' use of a special feed called "Miyazaki Kobo," which is a blend of locally grown rice straw, wheat, and barley, which contributes to the meat's unique flavor and texture.

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  • Kagoshima

    Kagoshima Wagyu is known for its high levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is a type of fatty acid that is believed to have a number of health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving heart health, and aiding in weight loss.

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Wagyu Facts

The most expensive Japanese Wagyu ever sold was a 2.7-pound (1.2 kg) Japanese Wagyu beef steak, which was sold for $3,200 at the famous Aragawa steakhouse in Tokyo, Japan in 2014. The beef used for this steak was from a rare breed of Japanese cattle called Tajima, which is known for producing some of the highest quality beef in Japan. The steak was cooked over charcoal and served with a variety of accompaniments, including wasabi and soy sauce. While this is an extreme example of the cost of Japanese Wagyu, it highlights the exceptional quality and unique flavor of this highly prized beef.

The Wagyu Olympics, officially known as the Wagyu World Cup, is a competition that is held every five years in Japan to determine the best Wagyu beef in the world. The most recent Wagyu Olympics was held in 2020, and the winners were announced in March 2021.

In the 2020 Wagyu Olympics, the grand champion in the "best of the best" category was a Japanese Black cow from Kagoshima Prefecture, which scored 38 points out of a possible 40. The cow was raised by breeder Tadahiro Michino, who is known for producing some of the best Wagyu beef in Japan. The runner-up was also a Japanese Black cow, which scored 37.9 points and was raised by breeder Yoshiteru Doi from Miyazaki Prefecture.

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