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Gunma Prefecture

The cattle used in Wagyu beef production in Gunma Prefecture are primarily of the Kuroge Washu breed. These cattle are native to Japan and are known for their exceptional quality, including their tender meat and high level of marbling. The breeding and rearing process is meticulously controlled to ensure that the cattle are healthy and happy, which in turn leads to better quality meat.

One of the key factors that make Gunma Wagyu unique is the climate of the region. Gunma is located in central Japan and is characterized by a cold climate, which is ideal for raising Wagyu cattle. The cold temperatures allow the cattle to build up more fat, which in turn leads to a higher level of marbling in the meat. This marbling is what gives Wagyu beef its rich and buttery flavor.

Another factor that sets Gunma Wagyu apart is the care and attention given to the rearing process. The farmers who raise these cattle have years of experience and are trained in the traditional Japanese techniques that have been used for generations. They take great care to ensure that the cattle are fed a healthy diet, given plenty of exercise, and kept in a clean and safe environment. This leads to happier, healthier, and better-tasting meat.

The grading system used in Gunma Wagyu production is also unique. After the cattle are slaughtered, the meat is carefully inspected by experts who grade it according to its quality. The grading system is based on a number of factors, including the color, texture, and fat content of the meat. Only the highest-quality cuts of meat are given the highest grades, which is why Gunma Wagyu is so highly prized.

Once the meat has been graded, it is carefully aged to improve the texture and flavor. This aging process can take several weeks and is done under strict conditions to ensure that the meat retains its moisture and flavor. The result is meat that is incredibly tender and has a rich and buttery flavor that is unlike any other beef.