Kagoshima prefecture

Kagoshima Prefecture is a major producer of Wagyu beef in Japan. Wagyu cattle raised here have unique characteristics that set them apart from Wagyu produced elsewhere. Wagyu cows in Kagoshima are known for their thick coats of fur, which helps protect them from cold temperatures during winter months. The prefecture's unique climate and soil quality also contribute to the distinct flavor of Wagyu beef produced here.

For Wagyu produced in Kagoshima specifically, cows are often given seaweed as part of their diet due to its abundance in the region’s waters. Seaweed adds a unique flavor profile to the meat, further distinguishing Wagyu from other marbled beef available globally. Additionally, some producers also use traditional sake lees as feed for their cattle since it provides an additional layer of flavor while adding additional nutrients like calcium and magnesium.

In addition to JMGA certifications, special labels like “Kagoshima Black” or “Kumamoto Red” may also be awarded if deemed worthy by local judges who examine the meat’s tenderness and flavor after cooking it using traditional Japanese techniques such as sukiyaki or yakiniku style grilling. These extra certifications signify even higher grades for exceptional cuts above even A5 ratings, further testifying to the superior quality of Wagyu produced in Kagoshima Prefecture.