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A5 Kalbi [ Short Rib ]

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  • Professionally Hand Cut to Japanese Specifications - 3/4 Inch Thick
  • Directly Imported from Japan
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included in Every Package
  • Ships Flash Frozen to Preserve Freshness
  • Temperature Controlled Shipping from Start to Finish. Thawing and Oxidation are Normal During Transit

Welcome to a new world of beef. The A5 Japanese Short Rib offers a unique flavor profile, distinct from its counterpart cuts, with exquisite marbling and succulent texture. This premium cut promises a rich, indulgent taste experience that sets it apart on the plate.

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Interesting facts about A5 Secondaries

Did you know that the Zabuton, or "chuck flap," is a prized secondary cut of A5 Japanese Wagyu? Its name means "cushion," reflecting its tender, velvety texture. Perfect for grilling or thinly slicing, the Zabuton offers rich flavor and exceptional marbling, making it a hidden gem among Wagyu cuts.

The Picanha, also known as the "rump cap," has become popular in Japan for its thick fat cap and juicy, flavorful meat. This A5 Wagyu cut is often grilled or roasted, delivering a tender and succulent dining experience with its superior marbling and distinctive fat layer

A5 Wagyu Short Ribs, or "Kalbi," are celebrated for their intense marbling and rich flavor. Ideal for braising or barbecuing, this cut remains tender and moist even after long cooking times, offering a deep, savory taste and luxurious texture that make it a standout choice.

Each of these secondary cuts—Zabuton, Picanha, and Short Rib—showcases the unparalleled quality of A5 Japanese Wagyu, offering unique and flavorful experiences that go beyond the more commonly known cuts.