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A3 Sirloin

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  • Professionally Hand Cut to Japanese Specifications - 1-1.5 Inch Thick, 8 Oz each Pc
  • Directly Imported from Japan
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included in Every Package
  • Ships Flash Frozen to Preserve Freshness
  • Temperature Controlled Shipping from Start to Finish. Thawing and Oxidation are Normal During Transit

    Welcome to a new world of beef. The A3 Japanese Striploin offers a unique flavor profile, distinct from its sibling cuts, filet and ribeye, with a perfect balance of marbling and meatiness. This exquisite piece of beef delivers a rich, satisfying taste experience that stands out in the culinary world.
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Interesting facts about A3 Japanese Wagyu

The meticulous care in raising Wagyu cattle, including a special diet and stress-free environment, contributes to the meat's tenderness and succulence. A3 Wagyu is also celebrated for its versatility in various culinary applications,

from traditional Japanese dishes like sukiyaki and shabu-shabu to Western-style steaks. The beef's distinctive marbling not only enhances its buttery texture but also ensures an unparalleled depth of flavor that melts in your mouth, making it a prized ingredient among chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide.