A5 BMS 10

Hokkaido Snow Filet Mignon

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  • Sourced from the Hokkaido Prefecture
  • Professionally Hand Cut to Japanese Specifications - 1-1.5 Inch Thick, 8 Oz each Pc
  • Directly Imported from Japan
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included in Every Package
  • Ships Flash Frozen to Preserve Freshness
  • Temperature Controlled Shipping from Start to Finish. Thawing and Oxidation are Normal During Transit

    Welcome to a new world of Beef. A5 Japanese Chateaubriand, better known as Filet mignon, is known worldwide as being the most tender and delicious cut of steak. It has the least Marbling from its sibling cuts and has a very specific Flavor Profile. Japanese A5 Filet mignon is the most exclusive cut of beef that we offer , and is a must try for any Wagyu connoisseur.
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Interesting Facts About Hokkaido Prefecture

Did you know that Hokkaido is Japan's second-largest island, and is home to some of the country's most beautiful natural scenery? Hokkaido's landscape is characterized by its rugged mountains, dense forests, and vast, open plains. The island is also known for its unique wildlife, including brown bears, Hokkaido foxes, and Japanese cranes. Hokkaido is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and fishing, and is home to several national parks, including Shiretoko National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hokkaido is also known for its delicious local cuisine, such as seafood, ramen noodles, and dairy products, including the famous Hokkaido milk and cheese.

Hokkaido is the birthplace of Japan's indigenous Ainu people, who have a rich and distinct culture? The Ainu have lived in Hokkaido for thousands of years and have their own unique language, cuisine, and customs. They were traditionally a hunting and fishing culture, and their diet included fish, venison, and bear meat. Today, the Ainu culture is celebrated and preserved through museums, festivals, and other cultural events in Hokkaido. Visitors can learn about Ainu history and culture at the Hokkaido Ainu Centre in Sapporo or visit Ainu villages in Nibutani and Shiraoi to experience traditional Ainu activities such as woodcarving, weaving, and dancing.